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The treatment of cataracts has dramatically improved in recent years. Cataract surgery can have multiple benefits including sharper visual acuity, better night vision, less glare, and better color vision. Let us safely remove your cataracts to see more clearly. Listed below are the two options we offer at Southern Eye Associates.


  • Traditional Cataract Procedure
  • Standard lens implant
  • No astigmatism correction
  • Expect to wear glasses for most activities
  • Covered by insurance aside from co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance


  • Precision Cataract Procedure
  • Specialized lens implant and/or correction of astigmatism
  • Customized measurements, imaging, and surgical planning
  • Recommended for previous RK, Lasik, and monovision patients
  • Similar insurance coverage with additional advanced procedure costs
  • Best possible distance vision Expect Readers $1699/per eye 
  • Best possible distance and near vision Expect no glasses for most activities $2899/per eye

Financing Available

These procedures are an opportunity to invest in your eyesight which will never lose its value.Southern Eye Associates...
THE place for cataract surgery!

Vision of 20/40 or better is considered a successful outcome; ocular health may impact final vision after surgery; will provide best potential vision possible