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A few years ago, the Standard LASIK procedure was the only technique for the surgeon to calculate and treat blurred vision. This technique was similar to how you are measured for glasses and contacts, basic yet effective. Southern Eye Associates introduced the most advanced technology in laser vision correction, the VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser with ActiveTrak and CustomVue Iris Registration, in 2003.

One problem is that many people can have the same glasses prescriptions but see images differently because no two eyes are alike.

This new CustomVue LASIK procedure starts with a sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment called the WaveScan, which identifies and measures corneal imperfections that are unique to each individual’s eye. Standard LASIK can only allow the surgeon to measure, what we call, lower-order aberrations (imperfections) just like they measure patients for glasses. One problem is that many people can have the same glasses prescriptions but see images differently because no two eyes are alike. This is due to underlying higher-order aberrations in the cornea that have not been measurable until now. By recognizing these additional blurred vision factors, the WaveScan is proven to be 25 times more precise than standard LASIK methods.

Eye –  is as personal as your fingerprint or DNA. The WaveScan features Iris Registration technology which provides your surgeon with a detailed map of your eye tailoring the treatment to each individual patient. WaveScan then saves and transfers these digital treatment images directly into the VISX Star S4 laser. During Custom treatment, the Iris Registration feature, along with an ActivTrak 3-D Eye Tracker, allows the laser to accurately monitor the rotations of the eye and the center of the pupil providing precise delivery of the treatment to achieve the patient’s full potential of their vision.

While CustomVue LASIK is the optimal way to correct nightsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, not all patients are candidates. However, now, more than 94% of the eligible population are potential candidates for the CustomVue procedure. An unusually high degree of any of these conditions may fall outside the treatment ranges for the Custom LASIK. Standard LASIK still continues to be a remarkably effective surgery and offers incredible vision improvement, even when the CustomVue features cannot be used.

The Laser Vision Correction process is a lot easier than you may think. Over 20 million people worldwide are already enjoying the benefits of LASIK Vision Correction, including thousands of eye doctors and their staff members. And so can you!